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I Heart Patrick Stump

A tumblelog about Patrick Vaughn Stump, a.k.a. the most talented a cute person in the world.
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Jul 8 '14

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Jul 6 '14

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Jun 18 '14

bekitalefay asked:

adooooooooooro teu tumblr! :**

Poxa, muito obrigado! :D

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Jun 17 '14

The Fall Out Boy frontman discusses the scene he came up through and where he thinks it’s headed.

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Jun 17 '14

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Jun 6 '14

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Jun 1 '14

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May 25 '14

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May 25 '14




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May 22 '14


Fall Out Boy is finally here in Brazil and they’re making a concert right now. But I couldn’t go ‘cause I didn’t have the money to travel to São Paulo.

The last time FOB came, they also only went to SP and it was SEVEN YEARS AGO! D:

I really hope for a concert in Rio sometime, maybe at Rock in Rio next year.

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May 18 '14

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May 17 '14


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May 14 '14

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May 9 '14

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May 2 '14

holy moly he needs to tone down the cute


holy moly he needs to tone down the cute

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