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I Heart Patrick Stump

A tumblelog about Patrick Vaughn Stump, a.k.a. the most talented a cute person in the world.
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Sep 12 '14

MONUMENTOUR ↔ Patrick Stump | AUSTIN (08.02.14) 


MONUMENTOUR Patrick Stump | AUSTIN (08.02.14

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Aug 28 '14

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Aug 17 '14

I’m obsessed with his laugh!!! He’s so cute how he always adjusts his glasses!


I’m obsessed with his laugh!!! He’s so cute how he always adjusts his glasses!

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Aug 15 '14


FOB BR - Primeiro website dedicado ao Fall Out Boy no Brasil, desde 2005

Site | Facebook | Twitter | Grupo

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Aug 6 '14

7.30.14 Atlanta, GA 


7.30.14 Atlanta, GA


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Aug 4 '14

7.22.14-Raleigh, NC [x]

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Jul 31 '14

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Jul 30 '14

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Jul 30 '14

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Jul 8 '14

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Jul 6 '14

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Jun 18 '14

bekitalefay asked:

adooooooooooro teu tumblr! :**

Poxa, muito obrigado! :D

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Jun 17 '14

The Fall Out Boy frontman discusses the scene he came up through and where he thinks it’s headed.

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Jun 17 '14

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Jun 6 '14

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